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For sheer sophistication you can beat the spectator sport of horse racing. Expensive and carefully bred animals run a short stretch while millions of rupees hang in balance. The Mysore Derby season runs from November to February and the summer season from may too july. Two year olds make their debut in the winter races while three years olds take parts in the classics the five Indian classics are the 1000 Guineas, The 2000 Guineas, the Oaks, The Derbys, the st. Legers and the Indian Turf invitation Cup. Serious breeders, socialites, Friday and Saturday afternoons during the racing season. Quick bucks for some, an enjoyable sport for others.

Mysore Race Course - Mysore

But Mysore’s racing world has news of a different kind. A deep love and understanding of horses binds the syndicate members together and their early success is spurring other women to come together and form similar groups.In the erstwhile princely state of Mysore, horse riding and racing were an intrinsic part of life.The British cantonment added to the demand for horses and horse rearing was a lucrative profession. Over the years while racing continued to attract patrons riding was seen as an unaffordable pleasure. All that has changed with the arrival at good riding schools in and season there are friendly tournament.

Race Club from Chamundi Hills - Mysore

India has a long tradition of equine sports like riding and polo. The British brought racing in to the picture and the sport became a big favourite with the royal families thorough bred breeding took off in the 19th century and farms mushroomed in Mysore salubrious climate.




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