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As we all are at the fastest growing pace of Indian economy, every individual’s contribution is valued to make India shine more. India is called as the land of ideas, which is accepted & followed worldwide. Why not we give back something to the country which has thought us so much…? , is an informative portal website which is  tailor made to get  all the information about Mysore. The website gives in-depth information on the history of Mysore, its landscape,lifestyle, business, travel, education & so on. Mysore, being known as the cultural capital of Karnataka has always made news  globally with its rich cultural presence.The world famous Dasara ,The Ambavilas Palace are just a few examples which showcase Mysore’s history.

We wanted to showcase our city in this global village. The city which gave us some of our most memorable moments of a lifetime….our dreams…..our ambitions…..our friends…..our LIFE. This was the reason to start this  project. "NammaMysore" which literally means "Our Mysore" is our tribute to this great city. Every individual who visits this city or has visited this city would never forget his or hers stay here.


" Success is like your own shadow.. if u try to catch it you will never succeed.. ignore it & walk it in your own way ! it will definitely follow you ! "
Myself... Manu Shivayanamath , a proud Mysorean always believed to shine no matter what u r made of., have put my soul to design this dream I take the credit of THE CONCEPT & DESIGN of this dream website .
Manu - Creator

The Launching Of "Namma Mysore .Com"

Ashok Khenny - Launchin

Mr.Ashok Khenny, CEO , NICE ,Bangalore, Launched this website on

"24th November 2006 , Friday"

At the Royal Lalith Mahal Palace Hotel , In the presence of Former Mayor Mr. Dakshina Murthy & Mr. Manjunath Nayaker of the Malgudi Days fame.


If any of our friends, while visiting our website find any factual errors, we will be very greatful to you if you report it to us and we will readily change it with proof.




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